Drinking is still in the process of trial

Kim Bong-hyun, former chairman of Star Mobility, who was scheduled for this month, was found to have postponed the preparation date for the second trial related to the suspicion of “

The case has been postponed twice before the first trial, and this is the third time the trial has been changed. The official trial has not been held or 강남풀싸롱 started for several months since October last year when the revelation was made.

According to the court on March 17, the second trial preparation date for the violation of the anti-graft law of former President Kim, A lawyer from the prosecutor, and current prosecutor B, which is being held at the hearing of Park Ye-jin,

The case was indicted on December 8 of the same year after Kim was controversial on October 16 last year when he exposed the prosecution drink.

The first trial date was scheduled for January 19 this year, but it was postponed once to March 11 as the lawyer A was quoted on the 7th of the same month as the application for the preparation date and the change of the trial date. Since then, the court has accepted the application for the preparation date for the trial, and the first trial preparation date was held only on April 27th.

The lawyer A also applied for a change in the date of preparation for the second trial, and it was reported that the court accepted it.

The reason for the change is said to be due to the schedule of the lawyers representing the lawyer A. One of the lawyers participating in the trial has already filed a postponement because another trial is scheduled on the date originally scheduled.

It seems that some consultations have not been properly conducted in the process of setting the trial schedule.

However, even considering this inevitable reason, it seems difficult to avoid criticism that the trial is proceeding sluggishly.

The case began in October last year and the people involved were indicted in December, but the official trial date has not been proceeded until about six months later.

There is a high possibility that the two sides will work together in the formal trial, as the differences between the prosecution and the defense team are considerable at the first trial preparation date last month. For this reason, it is expected that it will take a considerable amount of time for the first judgment to come out.

Prosecutors believe that A lawyer and B prosecutor received a drink from Kim at an entertainment pub in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, from 9:30 pm on July 18, 2019. However, two other current prosecutors who were on the scene with them were not indicted on the grounds that they returned home before 11 pm on the night and that the amount of entertainment was less than 1 million won.

The drink was investigated until 1 am, and the prosecution calculated the total cost of the drink at 5.36 million won.

A lawyer refutes the prosecution’s indictment and claims that the number of people attending the drink is seven, not five. The intention is that former vice president Lee Jong-pil of Lime Asset Management (Lime) and former presidential secretary C should also be included as the number of people attending the drinking party.

If the number of people attending the drinking party increases, the total price of alcohol should be subdivided back to 7 people, and the amount of hospitality received by the B prosecutor may fall below the punishment standard of 1 million won.

The case was ridiculed as a 990,000 won “set of fire” by prosecuting only one out of three prosecutors who were in the hospitality, and the actual amount of hospitality itself is an issue in the actual trial process

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