What kind of connection do you think they have when they were young?

The first scene of Torrent’s awesome property was…
It comes from the scene where the exorcist Jia Zhang Na-ra captures the original spirit with the spirit.
It starts with a great action!
Meanwhile, Jeong Yong-hwa, a swindler with a job?
Inbeom was scammed into a haunted houses.
Do you know fashion?!

And the only original marriage that Jia couldn’t send in Jia’s house.
My mother’s original marriage, who died just 20 years ago, lives together.
All the other souls were sent by spirit.
My mother says she can’t let me go, so please refer to the introduction.
Our super estate is an exorcism property that only deals with haunted houses.

Monkeys must be possessed to exorcise their bodies.
It is said that a psychic has yet to appear to endure Jia’s mother’s original soul.
None of the above candidates for small trading goes beyond the last torrent site.
I have to go up all those stairs.
He passed out right before he went up.
Don’t ever take this off.

Meanwhile, a natural psychic wakes up in amazement.
The uncle tells the young Inbeom to keep that necklace.
That necklace prevents the spirit from being possessed easily!
Oh, yeah, I’m a con artist!

The guy who was curious about Jia showing up at her place of business,
After that, he even came to the front of Jia’s real estate.
Of course, you get caught sneaking around in the trash.

And he also reveals himself to be a fraud.
You’re a crook. You’re a psychic?

Afterwards, the place where the two met again was the building where the two original souls were.
The house was not being sold due to the original marriage of two people who died in this building.

First, I sent a man with a psychic who helped Zia.
The other grudge was to help Jia and the psychic, who dropped the necklace.
Inbeom will enter the body.
Is there a psychic with that much ability?

Jia finished her work safely thanks to Inbeom’s help.
Jia is surprised by the ability of other spirits and other talents.

Jia originally sends the original soul and receives the memory of the original soul.
For some reason, Inbeom, a psychic, wants to receive the memory.
Zia was right, too.
Let’s work together. It’ll only take one time.

Where Jia chased me to capture the original soul again.
You’ll be facing another person who cheats with ghosts.
Jia asks if you’d like to do one thing with her on her special ability!
My mother’s a special kind of grudge, so it’s impossible for an ordinary psychic.

Jia brought Inbeom home to let her go.
As expected, Inbeom, a powerful psychic, climbs the stairs safely that no one else could climb!
Why did Mr. Hong’s mother…

But even a powerful and special psychic, Inbeom, couldn’t stand it.
You’re going to have to stop fainting!
But then he woke up for a while and his uncle was a child.
I can remember Jia’s mother dying at the hands of Jia’s mother’s.

I don’t know why I was a kid, but Jia’s mother and Inbeom’s uncle…
We tried to kill each other, and 토렌트킴 when Inbeom was killed by Jia’s mother? Inbeom
There was a scene that seemed to be in this scene came out.
Let’s work with this particular psychic.

He thought he could find the answer to his missing memory.
So I recall that memory and suggest a special partnership to Jia!

What kind of connection do you think they have when they were young?
It looks like the original spirit killed Inbeom’s uncle and Jia’s mother.

What secrets will be revealed?
And a man who hasn’t quite understood that he’s a psychic yet.
I’m really looking forward to the adaptation period.

Torrent awesome real estate with moderate comedy and fear.
I’ll wrap up my review here.

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