I got to go outside after I changed.

I’ve been wearing heels a lot lately, and I’ve been feeling tired.
It’s accumulated, so I’d to wear sneakers.
But the company has meetings, meetings, meetings, and even if it’s uncomfortable, I’
I often wear them.
I’ve been walking through inconvenience for weeks, and I’ve been getting tired.
I got to get a Dongtan massage.

I’m visiting Kutis Dongtan Station.
Neck, shoulders, whole body, etc. along with foot care.
It’s a one-on-one customized care center for various parts.
People around me registered as members.
I was wondering if you were 강남피쉬안마 doing well, but I was busy, so let’s
I couldn’t do it, but I stopped by this time.

Byeongjeom Central Shopping Center located between Dongtan Station and Byeongjeom Station
It’s located nearby, and parking is free.
It’s open from day to night, so after work,
I think I can visit you at a convenient time.
I thought it would be okay to visit, so I’m using it.
It was really good.
It’s located on the fifth floor, so you can ride the elevator comfortably.
If you go up, you can see the shop.

My acquaintances are visiting with their parents.
He kept praising me for my skills.
I was pounding and excited before I went inside.
As soon as you get off the elevator, the store’s name is in your eyes.
If you can’t find the right way because it’s a space,
You can visit easily when you visit for the first time.

I visited Dongtan Massage after reviewing it.
It’s run by the director himself.
I have a variety of certificates, massage certificates.
For those of you who live in Dongtan City,
It was nice to be able to take care of it.

Detailed at the entrance with price and banners
It was easy to see at a glance because it was marked.
I don’t visit massage shops very often.
The place in front of the store that I write down with banners like this is…
It’s not a lot, and it’s a lot of money.
Coutis has good bang for his buck, and he’s registered as a member.
If we proceed, we’ll be able to manage it more cost-effectively.
It was okay.

I opened the door and went inside.
I feel like I’m at a hotel, neat and sophisticated.
It’s not only clean, it’s clean.
Thanks to various props, a cozy atmosphere, and lighting
My mind and body are relaxed.

I consulted the staff first about which care to choose.
I chose aroma care.

Change into slippers at the entrance before starting maintenance.
He said he could come in, so he changed it comfortably.
I didn’t know where the shoe rack was.
He just went in. If you’re visiting,
It’s good to make sure. Like a restaurant, a lot of customers.
So that your shoes change while they’re tangled or undergoing maintenance.
I’m sure you’ve been wondering what you’d do.
I’m glad there’s no risk of losing it because it never happened.

If you change it to Dongtan Massage Slippers and go inside,
But I loved the cute design and the comfortable feet.

The counter will provide you with a locker room key.
You can carry it with you while changing outfits.

You walk into the locker room, you get the key you got at the counter.
We can use it.
On the side, there’s a detailed change of clothes and notices.
It says, if you follow the instructions for the first time,
I’ll talk to the staff about my physical condition when I get counseling.
If you’re pregnant or have an unstable lifestyle,
Please refer to it as it will be conducted through additional consultation.

It was comfortable wearing walking shoes, but slippers.
I changed it, and my feet were so comfortable that I felt good.
The slippers are comfortable, like they’re at home.
It was comfortable, and I was excited about the therapy I was getting.
If you sign up for membership, you’ll get better terms every time.
I’m surprised that the price is not as high as I thought.
It would be good to refer to it before you visit.

The staff showed me to the maintenance office.
I followed her carefully, and the care room was inside.
There’s a separate one. The hallway lights are cozy.
Overall, the interior is luxurious, so next time,
I’ll make sure to visit with my parents.
If you visit with friends, family, and lover,
It’s bound to be a more special day.
There were various advantages.

It’s divided into men’s and women’s changing rooms.
There’s a lot of room sizes, so even if you visit on a family basis,
I think it’ll be good.

If Dongtan Massage is only professional in foot care,
I have to take off my underwear, so please keep that in mind.
I changed into a pre-prepared uniform.
It was comfortable because it was big and soft.

My wallet and cell phone are in a locker room where I put my clothes.
You can keep it. You’d better leave your valuables with your manager.
Before we start taking care of it in earnest, we’ll need to get you into your overall room condition.
I looked around.
It was as pleasant as I recommend.

I changed my outfit and came out.
I’ll take you to a place where you’re being sedentary.
I have a choice of incense.
You can put whatever you want.
There are various types, so it’s fun to choose.

I started foot baths, and over time, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get
I’m sweating a little as the blood circulates.
The cushions are soft, so I’m leaning comfortably.
I felt like I was going to fall asleep as I got tired.
The scent is mildly good, like in the woods.
I feel like I’m being healed.
I’m very satisfied.

The janitor started with his feet.
Relax slowly, with hip and pelvis.
She checked to make sure her hand pressure wasn’t strong.
Thanks to your continued inquiries, Coutis Dongtan Branch.
I’ve decided as a regular today.

It was a place I visited because my feet were swollen.
Thanks to your full-body care,
I can relax my back and calves.
It was more satisfying than I expected.
Is there any additional part you’d like to receive?
You asked me, so I focused on the lower body.
I’m back with a cool reception.

To the fitting room after maintenance.
I got to go outside after I changed.
And now that I’ve received it, I’ve got my foot lightened and my last stretching.
It’s so cool that I can’t forget being managed.
If you’re tired from now on, you’ll be able to hear Dongtan Massage.
I’m even thinking about getting it.

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