They said they were worried about the lack of funds.

I suddenly need money urgently, and I’m at a loss what to do when the amount is not that big.

It doesn’t matter if you’re keeping 폰테크 your spare money somewhere, but if you don’t, you’ll get a million won loan.
It’s also a sensible way to use it.

But even if it’s not a relatively large sum,
They say you can’t just do whatever you can’t do it.
You should never use private financing like a loan company because it has high interest rates and credit scores.
It’s because there’s a side to getting off.

No matter how bad the conditions are, I hope you don’t use this method, and I’m going to give you an interesting comparison.

If a large financial institution borrows money, the difference in interest rates is that it sets a maturity based on three years.
Because of its size, there is a difference of about 8,000 won per month.

Some people say it’s not a big difference, but it’s almost 100,000 won a year.
You may think that the difference in the amount is significant.
But the bigger blow is the credit score. Among the credit rating agencies, some natural individuals may have a problem with the credit rating.
I think it’s very negative about lending money from various financial institutions through private financing.
If you borrow money, you think it’s very bad and give a negative assessment.

In the case of credit transactions, if the credit score is low, the interest rate is high and the limit is low.

Nevertheless, many people think that a small loan of 1 million won to 3 million won is not a big deal.
They say you shouldn’t approach them like that.
I’m going to borrow money to buy a house later, but if I don’t have a good credit score, I’m going to be in trouble.
As interest rates are relatively high, there will be a situation where monthly financial expenses will increase. That’s why private finance is so important.
I need to be aware of the disadvantages I bring and get a loan.

Through the development of fintech technology, it has become an era where financial consumers can be provided with services differently.
We have an opportunity to choose products more smartly.
There are many places where small loans are being made between 1 million won and 3 million won through a smartphone app-linked service.

Credit rating agencies have a relatively positive view of these products, but institutions in the institution have a positive view of them.
It is said that the credit score does not go down much because it is a transaction.

In addition, it has a characteristic that progresses without much consideration for income or occupation. Apparently, from a consumer’s point of view,
It’s more advantageous and it’s also available for job seekers and housewives.
It’s characterized by the fact that you can get approval to simply identify yourself online, so you can actually get paid.
It takes a short time.

The younger generation, who is in a hurry and needs money, has a good sense of comparison.
“How did they get a small loan?”

Mr. A, who was working part-time while looking for a job, decided to take a break from work to focus more on the job.
For a few months, they were able to support their living expenses based on the money they earned from their past work, but they reached their limit.

I’m so frustrated to think about getting a part-time job again that I don’t know if there’s a way to make a small loan deal.
I looked into it, but it was rejected by the financial institution because there was no job and no income.

Fortunately, I learned how to make a loan transaction online through a different channel and even applied for it. Identity
It wasn’t that difficult because it was just a way to check, and since it was handled quickly, Mr. A raised the necessary funds.
I was able to concentrate on finding a job.

A full-time housewife with no income, but a small transaction worth between 1 million won and 3 million won.

“It’s not difficult, it’s safe to borrow…”

Housewife B was short of living expenses, but she couldn’t blame her spouse. You’ll get money if you endure it in for a few months.
It was in the state, but they said they were worried because they didn’t have the funds to use urgently

I’ve asked various financial institutions, but I’ve only been informed that I can’t because I don’t have a clear income, and B said it was psychologically difficult.
But thanks to the people around me, I heard that there is a service that gives me a small loan of 1 million won if I get identification.
We’re supposed to do it.

As we heard the story, the process was very simple, so we were able to trade fast, and we were able to get as much funding as we wanted.
It is said that there is no strain on life. A few months later, he paid off all his debts.

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