Always be careful when investing in coins!

Hello! This is Linkmoa!
Today’s new coin is…
It’s Linkcoin!
Then I’ll start posting.

What is Linkcoin?
BitTorrent Symbol, Logo
“Linkcoin” has a wide range of data, including movies and documents.
From the Internet to P2P
Protocol services that send and receive each other.
It’s a project from a company like Torrent.
Smaburo took over in 2018.

Smaburo X-BitTorrent
Smaburo took over BitTorrent.
Smaburo functions as a platform.
BitTorrent is a way of delivering services.
It’s said to be symbiotic.

Structure of BitTorrent
BitTorrent is a data-sharing device.
Linkcoin is paid to the user as an incentive.
That linkcoin enables bandwidth improvement and storage
It’s used to expand.
Also, from 2019, we will develop live streaming.
He also jumped into competition with real-time broadcasting platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

BitTorrent (link) quotations
Upbit BitTorrent Chart
BitTorrent finished 18 months of rambling.
It’s up from 0.4 won to 2 won.
Thanks to Bitcoin’s recent steady upward trend,
It seems to have soared together.
And I’m not sure what kind of forces are collecting supplies.
I think about it.

Like BitTorrent, which skyrocketed without any particular good news.
Always be careful when investing in coins!

Coin Market Cap
We looked at BitTorrent’s trading volume in CoinMarket Cap.
Overseas Exchange Huobi, Binance, OKEx
At Upbit, a large domestic exchange
There’s an active deal going on.
The transaction price is not p2p 사이트 small, so it is highly flexible.

BitTorrent (link) outlook
Where to Use BitTorrent
The world’s media-related companies have a lot of opportunities.
He’s using BitTorrent.
The existing Torrent infrastructure,
The combination of Smaburo’s blockchain technology,
You can’t expect it before.
They say they have speed and performance.

P2P protocol
In modern society, intelligence is power.
Using the P2P protocol,
It’s easier to exchange information with each other than traditional methods.
And it can generate revenue through the process.
BitTorrent seems to have penetrated this market well.

BitTorrent Exchange
BitTorrent is listed on world-class exchanges.
We’re not on the small side.
It looks good for a long-term investment.

This time, we looked at BitTorrent.
It’s a real-life data sharing service.
It’s a unique company in the industry.
The future value seems high.

But we continue to work on new projects.
I think we need to improve.

Put this in a coin to keep an eye on.
I think you should keep an eye on it.

Coin bloggers and
I made a group chat room.
There are many big hands and coin masters, too.

Who wants to get information about coins?

Who’s bored with coin singing alone?

Who wants to know more about coins?

In the group chat room, we share information with each other.
Let’s do it.

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