This was Kiheung Lotte Premium Outlet.


It’s the day before the Lunar New Year holiday that I’ve been waiting for!

a four-day holiday starting tomorrow

Am I the only one who feels the best the night before the holidays?

I don’t have any plans for the Lunar New Year holidays right now,

It’s so nice to be able to rest.

Today, I’m going to visit you on the weekend.

This is Kiheung Lotte Premium Outlet’s review posting.

Information available for companion dogs of Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet, Luxury Editing Shop,

I’ll tell you what to eat (Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Presel, Gelato-Gelati).

1. Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet, which can be accompanied by dogs and pets.

Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet, which is close to Suwon.

Originally, I used to go to the outlet in Yeoju when I wanted to go to the outlet,

There is an outlet near Giheung, so I often go shopping when I have time.
The reason why I like Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet is!

It’s an outlet where dogs can be accompanied.

It’s not only possible to have a 레플리카 pet in an outdoor space.

If you use a pet nanny car,

Dogs can be accompanied indoors.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pet nanny car.

At Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet,

They rent out a pet nanny car.

If you want to go shopping with your dog or your pet,

I recommend Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet:)

On the way out of the basement floor,

Helpdesk, service information

If you leave your name and contact number,

You can rent a pet nanny car.
Kong also visited the Lotte Premium Outlet information desk in Giheung.

I rented a pet nanny for her.

He didn’t try to stay still.

2. Shopping (Luxury Editing Shop, Cosmetics, Clothing-ZOOC, Kakao Friends Shop)

The reason why I go to Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet is also because


There are no luxury brands in Giheung Outlet.

Instead, there are several luxury shops.
When it first opened,

I thought there was a luxury shop.

I’ve been there lately.

About 3 places? I think so.

Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Local City, Prada,

Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Montclair, Off-White, etc.

Various editing shops are selling various luxury goods.

It was fun to watch.
There was a cosmetic store indoors.

On this day, hair products Tsubaki are on sale for 70-80%.

I could buy Tsubaki hair products at a really cheap price.
There are also many clothing stores in Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet.

I’m at a store called ZOOC.

I saw a pretty dress.

They were selling at a 40% discount.

It was so my style of dress that I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I got it because my boyfriend bought it as a gift!

(Boyfriend is the best!!)

I couldn’t take a picture.

There is also Kakao Friends at Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet.

You can actually see the products you sell online.

Some of them are on sale.

For those who like Kakao Friends, it would be good to go see them.

3. Food (Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Presel, Gelato-Gelati)

Every time I go to the Lotte Premium Outlet,

There’s a long line.

It’s Antian’s.

Every time I went, I lined up for an antian’s pretzel. )
Near the food corner on B1.

The smell of delicious bread is vibrating.

I loved the smell of baking antian’s pretzels.

The menu we ordered is!

Premium pretzel cream cheese sticks 4,000 won * 2 pcs,

Jalapino cheese hot dog for 4,300 won * 1 piece
Cream cheese sticks are so delicious that I can eat them quickly.

I ordered two.
This is Gelato Gelati.

Various flavors of gelato (cone, cup)

Gelato latte, gelato shake, gelato smoothie, etc.

We also sell drinks based on gelato.

I like gelato cone (two flavors) 4,500 won.

My boyfriend ordered Oreo Cookie Gelato Smoothie 5,500 won.
And I’m the one who’s crazy about coconuts.

I chose coconut white chocolate gelato and raspberry cheese cake gelato.
What we ordered.

I’ve collected all the food from Giheung Lotte Premium Outlet.

The desserts I eat after shopping are really…

It was delicious!
In addition to the train ride experience for children,

Photo spots, playgrounds, etc.

Lots of things to see, play, and eat.

This was Kiheung Lotte Premium Outlet.

Then I’ll finish posting today.

Have a nice holiday, neighbors.

Happy New Year!

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