I almost fell asleep in a cozy atmosphere

I think I’ve accumulated a lot of fatigue these days, so my lips are cracked and I’m feeling extremely tired.
I had a lot of work to do, but my body didn’t follow me, so I thought I couldn’t do it like this.
I got a massage to finish my schedule while traveling abroad.
Today, I thought of traveling abroad, so I looked for a place where I can massage well to feel that Sillim Gunma is healing on my way home from work.

Today, rather than going alone, I wanted to go with my friend, so I went with him. Haha
There aren’t as many places as I thought they’d be.
The place I visited today was really nice!

When I got here, I found it was 스웨디시 a regular friend shop.
As soon as I entered the entrance, the interior was neat and luxurious.
The gentle fragrance and kind staff greeted us.

There are sentimental swedish, Thai massage, spa 24 massage, and aroma at Sillim Station in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, so it was really close when I got off the subway.
It was in front of Exit 7 and it was so neat because it hasn’t been long since it opened.
I looked up the subtle scent everywhere and it was spreading through the display case.
Looking at the beautiful display like a prop, I could feel the delicacy of caring about each item.

There are good tables and cushioned chairs in the waiting room. If you look next to it, there’s food, so you can enjoy your mouth while you wait.^^ I wanted to eat a lot, but I was holding my tongue, and the boss told me that I could eat as much as I want, but he was so kind.
The atmosphere is nice, but I felt so comfortable when the staff talked about it.

If you look at the interior along the corridor, it’s neat and tidy.
The lighting is just my style!
Maybe it’s because it’s cold, but I was surprised that I went to the bathroom because I wanted to pee in a warm place. Haha
I hope you relax your muscles by healing with the massage of the sillim Gunma.

I changed my clothes after being guided.
If you look at the changing room, it was carefully equipped with cleansing foam, basic cosmetics, and hairdryers.
I heard that they are professionally trained, but after hearing that, their credibility is rising!
I checked my physical condition and listened to a brief explanation while conducting a simple consultation.
It’s a course where you can get healing by getting Swedish and aromatherapy.

Each room consists of one room per person, so my friend and I were treated in our own rooms.
I looked at my friend’s room and it felt a bit different.
It’s fun to watch.

I moved to a foot bath place first, and the view was really good because it was placed by the window.
It feels like I’m sitting by the window of the cafe and spending my time relaxing.
The overall interior is made of wood tone, so the warm feeling is really nice.

It smells good with bath bombs and the color is so pretty.
It was so nice to soak my feet in warm water and feel warm as if my whole body was melting down.
I thought this was healing, and I was able to relax and fall asleep.
The person who takes care of my feet came and even pressed my feet and calves.
I’m definitely melting from the touch of a professional.

I finished my foot bath and went into the maintenance room next to me and got a massage.
There’s no need to speak Thai because Koreans manage the Sillim Gunma massage parlor.
When you get a massage, you get a massage and you get simple words.
It’s nice to be able to communicate with Swedish aromatherapy shops

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