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The search engine has a standard for recognizing your writing as a good one. Both Naver and Google have standards for search engines, which are called algorithms.

But people are constantly researching these algorithms, like windows and shields, and as search engines continue to strengthen them, they continue to compete with those who want to break through them and those who want to stop them.

Naver first used the Libra algorithm, which prevents angling and selects high-quality content, but changed to a search engine algorithm named Sona, which values the original rather than the stolen article.

Currently, the C-RANK algorithm is used, 구글상위노출 and the characteristic is that it has evolved into a form that focuses on the field of expertise.

It gives more points to how long blogs in the field have been operated on a particular professional subject than writing.

If so, it is better to use blogs that have been managed for a long time than quality contents. To supplement this, we are supplementing algorithms by finding documents with high quality and exposing them.

Of course, the time it takes to create a document, the length of the document, the image that combines keywords, the video that combines keywords, the comments that are communication with the neighbor, the number of neighbors, the number of neighbors, etc. are important parts of the algorithm are important. Unlike Google, Naver values blogs.

There is a basic framework for creating quality content documents. If you apply this framework well, you are very likely to be exposed to the top unless you are a very competitive keyword.

Especially the name of the new company, the new brand, can almost be exposed to the upper ranks.

Write a representative keyword in front of the title, followed by a representative keyword with implications for the topic, and the last…You can add numbers in 10 ways or 10 know-how.

Put 13 keywords in the beginning and contents of the text naturally. It is more important to create a sentence focused on one keyword than using multiple keywords.

It’s good to use human-embedded photos for images, but search engines value the writer’s experience, so it’s better to write down photos and photo file names with human faces as keywords.

In the text, I experienced, and I experienced, that if you put a sentence that tells you the actual experience, the search engine recognizes that you have experienced it, even if it’s not your actual experience.

This basic principle is similar to that of Google. But for your homepage, or site, there’s more to add to this.

Remember that the three elements of search engine optimization value keywords, quality content, and backlinks.

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