Why can’t I get my writing up?

I’m Hyeja Porter who sincerely tells you up to 1% of the hidden level.

This is the last free lecture of the year.

Continue for 1 hour on top of blog exposure.

The target is everyone who has been taught to write as below for the upper-level exposure.

*10 photos, 5 keywords, 1500 characters (or just change the numbers here)

If you don’t want to go through any more trouble, and you don’t want to be swayed by the Karder News Agency,

I hope you listen to this lecture.

Today is the weekend,

Learn how to search Naver blog keyword Top Exposure

Let’s have some time to give some tips.

I’m going to write a blog.

I put on a lot of tags hoping to be exposed.

It’s not a random tag.

This is a way to find out keywords that you search a lot and find a lot.

. At the bottom of Naver main [Click on Business & Advertising]
2. Click [Search Ad]
Since I specialize in factories,

The keyword I’m curious about is factory related search words.

So I searched Ansan [Banwol Industrial Complex] as a keyword.

Early December. I gave a high-level exposure lecture for free through a lecture with Matumbo.

300 people attended the lecture.

100 people came into the group chat room to learn how to blog with me,

50 students leave a sincere review,

The rating given by 40 people was 4.86 out of 5.

Based on search results,

You can tag the keyword with a high number of monthly searches.

However, there are some things to be aware of course,

It is recommended to set keywords with 300 to 800 views.

If you set up more than 1000 keywords, you can set tags.

This is because the competition rate is too high to be exposed.

It’s a very well-received lecture, so I’m launching it again this year.

If you really want to be good at blogging next year, I hope you don’t miss this opportunity.

That’s it for you to learn how to search Naver blog keywords.

How to search Naver blog keywords

In addition to the methods I’ve shown you on this blog,

You can also search on a site called Warez Post.

Search for a tag that suits you in a comfortable way.

and above

I learned how to tag smartly.

Have a nice weekend, 구글상위노출 everyone.

[Table of Contents]

1. What is traffic?

2. Changes in upper exposure logic

*Add* Change the New Missing Cause Logic.

3. Reasons why it is difficult to expose top-notch restaurants

4. Unlimited competitive keywords (regions, industries, buildings)

5. Find Top Exposure Keywords in 5 Minutes

6. Top-exposure writing

7. Why can’t my writing be exposed?

8. Q&A

It’s the same curriculum as last time, but if there’s anything added. I also added information about the sudden omission due to this logic change.

In particular, I think this lecture will be even more helpful if you are a novice blogger with no increase in visitors at all the more so.

[Trainee target]

– Anyone who wants to be good at blogging.

– Bloggers with less than 100 visitors per day with less than 30 postings

– Blogger with more than 100 views and less than 500 views

– I just started a new blog. Who doesn’t know?

[How to participate]

Please share this post on your blog/café/SNS.

Please enter the group chat room below.

If you’ve completed these two things,

Posting address shared in secret comments / Nickname for entering group chat room / Email address

If you fill it out, I will send you a Zoom link in a secret comment 20 minutes before the lecture day.


The reason for opening this free lecture is to get a review.

Especially… see if what I’ve told you is helpful now.

We’ve got a plan for next year’s lecture.

If you are listening to the lecture, please review it!

After the lecture, I will share the review in the chat room during Q&A session.

This is a type of questionnaire review that takes less than 5 minutes.

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