I think it would be really nice to come with my family!

Clean, exfoliate and cleanse.

on a face wiped with a foam

I put it on with a moisturizing pack!

It’s not a sheet mask all over your face.

It’s a little sheet of a small size.~

When I put this on, it’s really light and easy.

When your skin feels dry,

A sheet covering the entire face is a bit of a hassle!
If I get a strong massage, it hurts more like muscle pain or bruise, but after getting it, my shoulders got lighter and it didn’t hurt. 역삼 마사지 Asan massage manager asked me if there are any inconvenient places or places I want to get more in Korean, but I was satisfied with the fact that I was trying to work harder despite the language was different. I couldn’t help but give you a thank you tip after the massage.

It’s easy to attach them to your cheeks, chin, forehead, etc.

Stoneflower ingredients grown in the Alps.

It helps calm down and improve pores reduction skin texture.

In addition, the thin sheet has a triple sheet structure.

Good adhesion. Stick anywhere!

The silky texture keeps the essence from drying out.

It stays for a long time to make your skin moisturized!

Make-up for your busy breakfast.

It’s good to dry it and stick it on.
I got really tired when I got a massage while leaning on the electric pad. I fell asleep for a second after the massage ^^…The massage shop at 24 o’clock was a massage shop for sleeping, so I was able to sleep comfortably without noticing.

After I wash my face in the evening, before I pull my face.

It calms you down and moisturizes you!

It’s the perfect size for a pair of cheeks.

It’s a thin sheet.

It feels like there’s still moisture even if you put it on and take it off for 15 minutes.

I put it on my forehead.

It sticks on like that again.

There were various types of rooms at the 24 o’clock massage shop. There’s a private one-person room, a double room for friends and couples, and a group room for group guests, so it’s an Asan massage shop that accommodates all types of visitors. I think it’ll be really good to come with my family next time!

I’m done hydrating the driest sheep cheeks.

It’s heavy when you put on a sheet mask.

There’s a bumpy ampoule that’s why I’m lying down.

If it was just sitting there watching TV,

It’s a water type that’s light and moist enough not to know if it’s attached.

I do housework, I go back and forth.

Moisturizing moisture lasts for a long time.

I really like it~

I moved to the room and the manager came in. The 24 o’clock massage shop in Asan is all made up of Thai managers. I felt like I was getting a massage in Thailand when I thought about getting treatment from a Thai administrator. But I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to communicate well. I didn’t have any trouble communicating with you because of this letter in Thai.

I was worried about the dryness this fall.

I’m going to exfoliate with a peeling pad!

Use a face mask to moisturize your skin.

I’m healing my skin.

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