Many people say that the softness you feel in your hands is very good.

Besides, there’s a terrace outside.

I’ll take a look before I go inside.

That’s it.

There was a table out there. There were lots of plants.

It caught my eye.

So that you can enjoy it to the fullest outside.

He did it for me.

Come on in after you’re done looking.

To receive Jeonju Sports Massage

I’m getting ready to go in.

The entrance was neat and tidy.

All of the staff are going into the procedure, and no one else is.

If you don’t have one, we can call you over the phone.

There was a sign.

No one else was there, so I called.

I called an employee.

Let’s follow the instructions of the 홈타이 staff and go inside.

It’s very neat and comfortable.

I was surprised to see you.

So I’m worried about Corona.

I came across it by chance, but according to the information I found on the search, the managers who are very good at it were very

Many people say that the softness you feel in your hands is very good because there are so many.

I really like this kind of stuff, so I didn’t hesitate to come out today.

Even my friends, who used to only get Ty and Aroma, are so talented that they ask me to come with them after that.

They come here and enjoy it.

I’m lucky to have a place where you can trust and receive love.

You don’t have to think about where to go every time.You. Don’t go to Yeouido! Izzie.

I’ve done it, and I don’t think I need to.

There’s not a single dirty part, so it’s hygienic.

You care a lot about those things.

I could tell.

We came earlier than the reservation time, so first of all,

I should have waited for a while.

And then I’ll look around and see how…

I’ve checked if it’s done.

There’s definitely a lot of drawers, and it’s neat.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s already done.

It was good.

It’s also operated as a single course, and the course includes Emotion+Shu+Swedish+Aroma, and the price is 130,000 won for 70 minutes. It’s worth a lot of money, but it’s not a waste of money because it’s satisfying. Ms. Joa is a 27-year-old Korean woman who has completed the therapy training above and is excellent. Operating hours are from 2 p.m. to the closing of the reservation. You have to ask in advance before you visit the parking lot!

Take some pictures and talk to your friends.

We’ve been sharing, and it’s been a while.

I’m going to the counseling office to have a conversation.

Get in where it’s written neatly.

It’s cozy to be in the curtain.

It’s incredibly luxurious.

I wanted to.

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