Trinity Spa Jeju branch is Roxitand.

If I had known the koshiguk would be this long,
I wish I could’ve traveled as much as I could.
I haven’t been on a trip in over two years.
I got depressed, and my mom was frustrated.
My mom loves rape flowers.
I’m planning a trip to Jeju in time for the spring!
And physically, she’s a lot…
You’re tired, so look for Seogwipo Massage.
It’s working!

The best spa brand in Gangnam, too.
The Trinity Spa has a Jeju branch.
I got to know him! Looking at it,
At the Hidden Cliff Hotel, the Seogwipo Massage…
He was with me!
So I’m gonna take the hotel this way.
Come and get yourself together when your itinerary’s over.
I think I’ve got to figure it out.
It just fell off.

When using a rental car,
542, Yerae Coast-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju, Republic of Korea
You can take a look at the Hidden Cliff Hotel!
Jeju Airport 5 for airport limousine.
Get on the limousine bus 600 at the gate.
About 10 minutes on foot after getting off at the entrance of Yerae.
If you walk, you’ll find a hotel!

I’m in the Hidden Cliff Hotel.
There’s also an event!
10% of Facial Programs for Guests
They say there’s a 10% discount on the products!
Plus, The Trinity Spa Jeju branch is…
It’s a store collaborated with Roxitane.
You can buy it at a 10% discount!
I’m a big fan of Loxidan products.
It’s mild and it’s not irritating, so hand cream…
It’s a must-have favorite, and BADIOIL, shampoo.
I like Loxitane products, so I use them a lot.

But it’s better because it’s a collaborative store.
I’ll travel to Seogwipo with my mom.
We’ll go to the botanical garden, we’ll go to the tourist complex.
I came back from a lot of fun, physically.
I’m going to take a full-fledged healing session.
I went to get a Seogwipo massage!
If you go in there, the atmosphere is different.
The yellow background caught my eye.
It’s easy to find and so pretty.
I feel like I’m in an art museum, unique.
It was pretty.

I can’t keep my eyes still when I go in.
I couldn’t help but look around.
There’s a variety of Roxidan products.
I wanted to keep looking.
And then I went in for a consultation!
Since it’s a collaborative store, I’ve got The Trinity Spa.
You said it wasn’t the same, Trinity Spa.
Based on management methods, we’ll use Loxitane’s products.
She said she’d use it.
It’s my first time at The Trinity Spa.
I think this is the characteristic of Jeju branch.
He held it up.

The Trinity Spa in Seoul.
I wanted to go there!
At Seogwipo Massage The Trinity Spa.
We’re conducting a consultation. From the current state of health.
Stress, sleep, check thoroughly.
And he explained it in detail.
His voice tone is very calm.
It’s a trustworthy voice.
It’s great when you decide on a management program.

There’s something else I didn’t tell you.
The Trinity Spa is really good! as
What I thought was quarantine!
I’m afraid I’m tired of Kosiguk. Travel
I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here.
I had to do it, so I thought about the quarantine rules.
I tend to be cautious.
Besides, I’m more worried because I’m with my mom.
I had no choice but to look at it meticulously.

But Seogwipo Massage The Trinity Spa…
He’s really thoroughly quarantined.
I’ve been walking around in Jeju, like this is as good as it is.
I haven’t even seen a place full of quarantine!
As soon as I got in there, I checked the heat.
You’re receiving selective membership visits.
He said he’d limit it.
When care is over, we’re gonna take care of the care room and everything.
Disinfect. One bed per person.
Use disposable sponges to reuse.
It was great that I didn’t.
It was also very comfortable to have a powder room!

After all this thorough quarantine,
I could take care of myself in Koshiguk.
And overall, it feels very pleasant.
I’ve heard. It’s the sea everywhere.
It feels like it’s humid.
Especially The Trinity Spa Jeju branch.
I thought it was pleasant, so I asked, “Each room.”
Let’s put the air purifier in a pleasant environment.
He said he could keep it.

I’ve been guided into the maintenance room now!
Wow, it’s so great.
Alone! Private
It’s a room.Bonnie, this is it.
It’s a thorough quarantine! And I felt it.
I’m afraid the management of several people lying down is…
It’s a bit of a bustle, and it’s a whole lot of healing.
It’s hard. But it’s Seogwipo Massage.
The Trinity Spa is so private.
There’s room, so it’s healing.

Now I’m in the middle of maintenance!
Therapist kept trying to find out where he was uncomfortable.
When you asked me, I took good care of myself.
I was able to get it!
I’ve been taking care 출장마사지 of my mom.
I’ve been exhausted, and I’ve been feeling heavy.
My shoulders and arms hurt a lot.
I walked a lot and my legs were stiff.
You’ve managed these things intensively.
With a nice pressure so it doesn’t hurt.
I’m feeling better now that you’re relaxed.
I love it so much.

The product itself is my favorite.
I’ve been using Loxitane products, so it’s a little subtle.
I loved the unique scent of Roxitane.
Smell your favorite scents and get your Seogwipo massage.
It really healed me when I got it.
The muscles that I’ve been working on during the trip are all gone.
I can take care of it while smelling pleasant scents.
It was a great time.
I asked my mom when I was done with my care.
It was so cool. I fell asleep.
She did. She woke up and she was so refreshed.
All right, I’ll sleep tight when I get into the room.High
She’s been so neat that she’s had it.
I’m very careful about hygiene.
The Trinity Spa Jeju is so clean.
I don’t care. I can take it comfortably.
He said he had one!
I feel proud for no reason!
Trinity Spa Jeju branch is Roxitand.
I think the collaboration was better!
Not just Seogwipo Massage.
I’m going to visit Seoul, too!

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