Chiaksan Dulle-gil is a good course for healing trips along the deck road of Sol Forest Road, so it is recommended as a place for the Untact family outing.

A trip to Wonju with flavors and attractions such as Chiaksan Dulle-gil and Wonju Central Market recommended by Gangwon-do. It is also a good place for spring days full of green life.
Slow along the pine.
The beginning of February is still winter in Gangwon-do. Winter was like rain in the clear weather after the snow. I recommend a trip to Wonju on that day as a good travel destination for Gangwon-do with delicious vegetables with nature. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s near Seoul because it takes about an hour and 10 minutes from Gangdong-gu to Wonju Detective. Chiaksan Dulle-gil is a good course for healing trips along the deck road of Sol Forest Road, so it is recommended as a place for the Untact family outing.

Marianne’s travel story-the place where the heart stays.
(2021. 02. 04)

  1. Chiaksan Dulle-gil & Guksa Temple
    Detective Kook, 155 Gokgol-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do / 033-747-1815
    This is the length of the flower garden that I visited during my trip to Wonju. The way to get there is a parking space after passing through the Chiak Folk Museum in Gokgol-gil. You will also meet the entrance of Dulegil.

    It is a place where not only residents but also travelers can take a walk using wheelchairs or strollers because it is a barrier-free road from Kukhyeonsa Temple to Dongakdan along the forest road. The Flower Garden Head Trail is an 11.2km section, and it’s good to walk lightly even if it’s not the whole section.

    After the snow, there were places where the snow was melting due to the warm temperature. Rather than walking on the slippery deck for a long time, I came down to Guksa Temple and looked for things to see.

    Guksa Temple, located at the foot of Chiaksan Mountain, is said to have been founded 1,500 years ago by Muhaksa Temple during King Gyeongsun at the end of Silla as torture rock. Later, in the 6th year of King Sukjong (1,680) of the Joseon Dynasty, he was called a detective Kook. It is one of the Oak temples where the club is located.
    Trip to Wonju, such as Chiaksan Dulegil, recommended for Gangwon-do travel destinations
  2. Unchae + Gangwon-do vegetables
    The first story of 47 Unchae in Gogol-gil, Wonju, Gangwon-do, 033-747-1993

    Gangwon-do’s recommended travel destination. I came to Gangwon-do’s seasoned vegetables, which are as much thoughtful as sightseeing. It’s about a three-minute drive from Kukhyeonsa Temple in Dulle-gil, Chiaksan. It’s about 1km away.
    This is a 100-year-old store that has been certified by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups after evaluating its excellence and growth potential among stores that have been loved by customers for more than 30 years.

    I stopped by a little early, and it was quiet inside. I followed the quarantine rules.
    Unchae is also a safe restaurant where you can eat it, take care of your spoon, and wear a mask for workers’ mask. It’s often introduced in the media, so it’s not a local but a place where many people go out to Wonju.

    You can order more than 2 servings of Gangwon-do vegetables. I freshly made vegetable rice with a pot and served it. It is rice made of 4 kinds of wild greens, potatoes grown in Gangwon-do, and rice.

    I divided it into moderate portions and put the hot vegetables in front of me. Chan is so neat and tidy. These are side dishes that I often use for perilla oil-scented soles. There are cheonggukjang and Korean beef bulgogi, so even 여행 children who don’t like vegetable rice will like it.
    It’s a more generous amount of vegetables. You can add more when you mix it with vegetables. Chilling, bearish, gondre, fishy… I don’t know the name, but it’s a healthy flavor.

    When you mix it, we have Unchae’s Ssamjang. I recommend mixing it with cheonggukjang. It doesn’t smell too bad. It’s Jinguk, so it tastes twice as good with tofu.

    I can feel the sincerity of each of the 12 kinds of chans. It’s charmingly. If you mix vegetables with rice and finish it with the hot nurungji in the pot, there is no healthier meal than this.

    There’s a cafe next to the first story of Unchae. It’s good to rest because you can drink it together with a discount on drinks.
    The first story of Unchae is that it is closed regularly every Monday, so please refer to it when you schedule a trip to Wonju.
  3. Gamyeong, Gangwon Province
    Ilsan-dong, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, 033-737-4767
    The next Wonju travel course is Gamyeong, Gangwon Province. It’s located across the Jungang-ro Culture Street if you go downtown for about 10 minutes.
    Gamyeong was designated as Historic Site No. 439 on March 9, 2002. It was installed in Wonju in 1395, the fourth year of King Taejo’s reign. It was a unique attraction to see the traditional beauty of Wonju in the city center.

    Gamyeong is said to be a place where the governor of each angle of the Joseon Dynasty used to watch the political affairs, and it is rare to remain with the change of location. Gamyeong in Gangwon is said to be an important resource for building research because the main building and the government office building remain well.
  4. Wonju Central Market / Labyrinth Arts Market
    Jungang Market Road 2 in Wonju, Gangwon-do
    Gangwon-do travel destination recommendation. The next course is Wonju Central Market. It’s about 300m from Gamyeong, Gangwon Province. It’s less than 5 minutes’ walk. If you go by car, there is a public parking lot opposite the free apartment behind the market.

    I visited this place once during my trip to Wonju. It was a pity that Corona 19 seemed less energetic than before. Wonju Central Market was formed in 1965, and the maze art market was transformed into a cultural complex for young people on the second floor.

    I looked around the space on the second floor of the central market. Unlike before, he looked very quiet. There are workshops run by young artists and various shops, so there were many people visiting during their trip to Wonju looking for things to see, experience, and food.

    I heard that chueotang and kimchi dumplings are traditionally popular in the central market.
    In the maze art market, the restaurants that previously appeared in “Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant” were steadily gaining popularity. Even though it was a small store, I was curious about the taste as I was waiting for the order.
  5. Museum Mountain
    260 Oak Valley 2-gil, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, 033-730-9000/ 18,000 won for basic rights, 10,000 won for small rights
    Next is the representative travel destination of Wonju, Museum Mountain. It’s about 30 minutes’ drive from the central market. It was nice to see the snow piled up in February.

    It was a time when I couldn’t see the snow this winter, so I loved the minimal architecture of the snowy mountain and the surrounding natural scenery.

    A space like a big piece of work that meets in the mountains. Museum Mountain, a work by James Turrell, an artist of light and space designed by Andotadao, opened in May 2013. Whether it’s water, flower, stone, or…Everyone can appreciate the beauty that blends with the back and nature.

    Just walking slowly along the indoor exhibition hall and the outdoor trail will be a healing place. It’s a good place to spend about 2 hours. We followed the course along Chiaksan Dulle-gil and other attractions to the recommended Wonju destination in Gangwon-do. It’s a lighter place to walk when the spring is complete.

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