I felt like I was feeling relaxed and relexed

Hello! I just got a job at Suedishimasaji Tues Apgujeong!

I was always in poor condition because my body was shrinking and my circulation was not good in winter. I decided to get a massage because I thought that spring would come soon and I could not stay like this!!

I thought that I wanted to get a massage in a place where I had a good facility and good skills!! I recognized it here and there, and I looked at it not far from home, and I saw a place called Swedishimasaji Tues Apgujeong!!Sweedy Shimasazi Toes Apgujeong seemed so comfortable to go to the management and the facility seemed so clean!

Swedish Massage Toes Apgujeong branch says that you manage it with Swedish massage. Swedish massage, which is characterized by soft pressure and fragrant aroma, is very popular among those who prefer soft and relexed massage. I thought the Tues Apgujeong was the same!!

I made a reservation in advance and visited and I was able to consult with the manager immediately!

The Sweedy Shimaji Tues Apgujeong is very exotic and neatly interiorized ~ And all the facilities were clean and clean!One of the things I think is really important when I go to a massage shop is clean, but the Sweedish Massagetooth Apgujeong seems to be really nervous about all the employees . . .

Also, the management product is not just managed as a cheap product, but all the products are used as Aveda products ~

I do not know well, but it is a brand that I know about because it is famous, but I think it was more expected to manage it with Aveda product at Sweedish Massage Tosu Apgujeong store!

Sweedy Shimaji Toes Apgujeong branch managers have completed all the professional Swedish education, so they have been explaining and consulting accurately and carefully!

Also, you can blend the products you want to use for management, and at this time you could choose the aveda oil that is mixed, so it was better to be able to freely choose according to the condition or mood of the day, or according to your taste!! If you are having difficulty in raising aroma, you can listen to the manager’s explanation and choose it, and you can use the product that the manager recommends according to the condition or symptoms of the day.

I blend this aroma into base oil, and the base oil also uses natural Hohoba oil and almond oil!! Sweedy Shimaji Toes Apgujeong branch that can be trusted and managed from the product!

After all the consultations, 부산건마 I was informed to the private management room! The Sweedish Massage Toes Apgujeong branch was managed by all the management room privately. There was a management room with various concepts from personal room to couple room!!

I came alone on this day, so I was managed in a private one-room room, and later I thought I wanted to get a couple management with my boyfriend!! The management room of the Swedi Shimasage Tues Apgujeong store is fully prepared for pleasant management such as personal shower room, cold / heating, air purifier, humidifier!

And the lighting is so subtle that you can be managed comfortably and quietly without being burdened.

I showered and prepared before the management! I was supposed to take a shower before the management because I did not have to wash this good product after the management!It’s an etiquette for the manager!After finishing the shower, I press the button on the table to call the manager! The manager brought the blended product and managed the Swedish in earnest!

The combination of warm touch and soft oil made me feel that the tiredness that was really piled up disappears ..!! And you managed it very delicately along the skin texture along the muscles!!! I feel like my mind and body are stabilized and relexed by the aroma scent !!

In the past, I thought it was a refreshing massage that was only under strong pressure, but it was so good that it was enough to relieve fatigue and heal with such a soft massage. Especially, those who are sensitive to pressure seem to like the Swedish massage of Swedishima Sajitu SAPGU Jeongbu. If you are interested in Sweedish massage at SAPU Jeong-gu, please check the link below and visit Sweedish Massage Toes Apgujeong!!

Sweedy massage to SUES Apgujeong branch with all services, skills and facilities! I’m very strongly recommending!

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