They’re showing the human side of Chanel

Where to eat, wear, and go. Celebrities talking about everything. Among them, the most noticeable accessories and clothes have the greatest visual impact. In particular, as more luxury brands support celebrities these days, more celebrities 레플리카 literally dress up like luxury goods from head to toe. When you see celebrities wearing luxury goods that are too high for the public to imagine, you can say “sase.” So, who is the most expensive celebrity among them? Let me introduce an entertainer in expensive clothes who doesn’t waste the word ‘human luxury’.
We can’t leave out this group among the most popular idols these days. MAMAMOO rapper Moon Byul ranked fifth in high-priced clothes. The expensive outfit Moon Byul wore is Tom Brown. Moon Byul, who prefers Tom Brown’s clothes, famous for his men’s clothing brand, also showed off his fashion that reflected his taste in everyday clothes, items and music videos. In particular, Queen’s 1.3-million-won jacket and solo stage showed her affection for Tom Brown. Moon Byul’s fashion, which not only chose point items as luxury items, but also attracted attention by wearing pants, sneakers and socks. The bottom alone costs 2.8 million won and the stomach easily exceeds 5 million won. I can feel that it’s a brand that I really like.
BTS, who has become a world star, is dressed differently. BTS V, who proved that he is world class in appearance as well as singing, chose a different outfit. V’s denim jacket in “Boy With Luv” is Valentino’s product, and the jacket alone costs nearly 2.4 million won. But it doesn’t stop here. The Kaiboy jacket worn in the “Fire” music video is a Saint Laurent product worth 4.4 million won, and the red jacket worn on the MAMA stage in 2019 boasts 8.7 million won as a Chanel product. This product attracted more attention because it is a women’s clothing. V looks good in a woman’s jacket. You are not a world idol for nothing.
Attractive appearance and Holly is an idol who has attracted public attention with her dancing skills. I’m Sujin, the main dancer of G-I-DLE. Although it hasn’t been long since his debut, he was selected as a celebrity wearing expensive clothes due to his popularity. Su-jin’s expensive clothes are luxury Romona Kebeza dresses that actors Jeon Ji-hyun and Park Soo-jin chose as wedding dresses. The price is 14 million won. I can’t help but open my mouth when I hear the price of these clothes. It’s a charming red dress that goes well with Sujin’s image.
We can’t leave out this celebrity when talking about fashion. I’m fashion icon G-Dragon. G-Dragon seems to have worn a lot of expensive clothes without having to say anything. G-Dragon’s luxury clothes have been famous since his debut. Luxury brands that noticed this were also impatient because they could not support G- G-Dragon is the first Asian to become a regional simulation. The most expensive outfit he chose was the jacket he wore during the 2015 MADE World Tour. This jacket is a collection of Saint Laurent 2015 F/W with colorful design. The price is about 15 million won. Just by looking at the price, you can tell that it’s not G-Dragon’s clothes

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