I like the mini used car, so I’m thinking about it

I’m tired of dragging and leaving no endless.

I wish I could be in a comfortable, mask-free world.

I’m choosing my wish as the first priority.

Oh, my. I’ve been listening to this song.

I have a tooth that 88카 catches my eye with a cute taste.

It was a used mini-cooper that was holding him.~

I’ve been looking at it carefully, and it’s so cute that my eyes…

It’s floating. It’s easy to drive.

Same. Not much, but at least five.

I’ve ridden on a rental, and I’ve got to compete.

He’s got a lot of meticulousness that he was meticulous. A lot of women

I don’t have much of a body type to attract the favor of the castles.

Arthur’s fascinated. It’s so easy to fall for.

I don’t know if you’re gonna call me Pa, but Mini Cooper used to be beautiful.

The color of the down black, it seemed like they were trying to get us here.~

The round one is called a lamp. at night

He’s standing by like a streetlight shining on a dark street.

The state was a bright size, so it was shiny.

It’s all small. It’s like our country.

It seemed like a good fit to get out on your own.~~ here.

There was no flaw in the way he handled it, so for me,

Did he keep her neat and tidy?

The lines looked calm and luxurious! Liver.

Redro’s point, which might be intense and blinding,

The type that comes into your arms when you’re in.

Yeah, well, the tires are from wheels to treads.

So we’re going to make it easier to get a good ride without a replacement.

I thought I’d enjoy it.

Open the net to see what the staff has.

You’re going to explain it to me step by step, so I need to know how you feel

I’m done~~ I heard you’re going to use gasoline everywhere.

I’m gonna have to see if it wasn’t too greasy.

I don’t know much about cars, but good cars.

They say they can’t hear the noise while they’re running.Hah!

Minicoofer used start-ups don’t make it too tight.

I have to get close enough to hear you.

It’s good. You’re so meticulous. It’s good from the start.

Okay, so I know that my choice didn’t fail.

the popularity of the first car in the list of the most sought-after places.

That’s what they say. It’s not that big but it circulates well.

Uh, he was still giving out bad gas.

It was nice to see you far away and drag you. Colorful.

The wheels in there aren’t loose joints yet.

I was in good condition to run. apparently

You’ll see, it’s a little bit of a…

It’s not too obvious. Once you bring her in, she’ll get you something.

I think it’s going to be used for something.~~

They say it costs less to go the same distance.

It was good news. Red and green, fancy grocery shopping.

The screen you were doing the ceremony on looks big in the center.

But I think I’ll spend most of my time here. So-called

It’s called hookah. People like me with bad sense of smell.

He’s like a heart, so he scratched him many times without it.

I don’t know if I do. Show them around.

I’m giving it to you, so it’s as safe as it is.

I ended up watching it. You’re gonna have to park perfectly to the end.

If you want to, don’t forget to see what’s behind you.

Minnie Cooper, give me a breakdown of used cars.

It was easy for you

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