The year is just around the corner. Let’s be happy

At first, I got it alone, but now I want to get a girlfriend, so I’m comfortable at home when we have a date.

She calls the massage, she gets it, and she plays! Stretching and exercising alone at home.

You said it’s different from what you said, and it’s a completely different story, and you don’t know it because you haven’t received it.

You know what I’m talking about! He confidently recommended it.

When I heard that, I gradually.It’s tempting. Should I take it? It changed without my knowledge.

So it was a day off after a few days, so I got the number and made a reservation right away.

I don’t invest much in myself and I don’t spend a lot of money, so I usually get a massage.

I can’t even imagine staying! But after a long time, I got a bonus, and I got an eye contact.

I decided to do it because I wanted to wash it and try it. Is it because I’m a homebody?There was a Thai fan.

I started right after the male manager set it up, but it was so awkward at first.

I don’t think I’d have received this at least once. It’s my first time doing it. Should I just take it?

It reminded me of all kinds of things. But when I started, is the intensity okay with the manager? Where are you going?

Is there anything you want me to do, hurt or crumpled? They asked me in detail and they were kind.

You don’t have to go out there. You can call me home.

When I don’t want to go anywhere after work, I need to warm up, and my friends…

They said they call a massage 건마 once or twice a month.

I was a negative eye, but I’ve already changed my eye to a good one.

I called to make a reservation right away.

He was so fluent that I could feel the ease and enjoy the massage more and more comfortably.

I’ve never had a home massage in my life, so it’s a little…

I was nervous, but the weather’s cold these days, so I’m still out of the house.

It’s really comfortable and nice because I don’t have to.

So I got off work on Thursday and a massage parlor visited me.

I thought it would be awkward to be a woman, but she worked a lot.

It’s the first time I’ve received it. Wow, I got a good massage. I’ve never spent money on anything like this.

Once I wrote it, I couldn’t forget the coolness and refreshingness of the homestay!

As I talked about this and that, I was curious about many things.

Massage said she was professionally trained in Thailand.

You did? You said you spent 5 years in Thailand in your early 20s.

You all know that Thailand is famous for massage, but this is how professional it is in Thailand.

I thought it was definitely different for those who got a massage.

It’s too easy to take.

I asked some questions about this and that, but the manager told me that my family did massage in Thailand.

But now he’s working in Korea alone, and he’s saying that his sister could he?

They were giving me a massage from my feet, and I felt like my whole body was relaxed.

And because of my job, I go around for a long time, but I sit for a long time.

My lower body is very tired and there’s no place where my back, shoulders, and neck are tied.

But not just the hands, from the lower body to the upper body, but the massager.

They use their elbows, knees, and body to relax them.

Maybe it’s because your family has been doing it for a long time, but you must have learned it well?He’s like a master. He’s got a delicate touch.

It felt like my shoulders and stress were being swept away while I was working!

He even loosened up my facial muscles. You need to relax your jaw muscles to relax your neck muscles.

She gave me a cool massage on my face… It was so cool that I got a massage.

I felt good because I received a birthday present from my friend.

And the massage that seemed to be going to end went on and on and on and on, the fingers were really cool fingers.

He let it go. I don’t know why it’s cool around the shoulder when I’m loosening my fingers, but the world of massage is amazing.

I wasn’t looking forward to it, but on the contrary, it was so good that I was really surprised!!

I can’t say goodbye because I’m so into it. How much do other people like it? a friend of mine

There’s a reason why somebody got addicted. ^^ I know this because of my friend, but now I’m more addicted than my friend.

I think I threw it away! For about a week after receiving the homestay, my whole body was so light that I couldn’t think of it and I was working hard.

I could have done it, but after a week, my body started to feel stiff and I was going crazy thinking about massages.

I told my friend that she was surprised that she liked me more than she thought.

He said he was proud

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