The Korean administrator who has completed the training professionally

Hello~ It’s especially cold today! It’s only December, but how cold will it be in January and February? I think we’re going to move up to level 3 of corona soon. They say it’s incomparable to level 2.5, but it’s more complicated to hear. Since I only live at home, my body is very stiff and my corona is getting worse, so it’s burdensome to stay outside for a long time. That’s why I’ve been going to get a massage and healing these days. Among them, I heard that Daejeon massage shop is okay, so I came to visit.

My main program is Swedish massage. What is a Swedish massage?

It is said that it uses oil to penetrate the muscles smoothly without causing unnecessary pain, thereby promoting blood flow.

It is regarded as the most ideal and scientific massage from the Western perspective as a manual therapy that represents the West.

You can relax your whole body with fragrant and warm oil. I select the oil to run during the program and proceed.

There are various scented oils such as 부천건마 vergamot, rosemary, lavender, orange, lemon, etc.

I chose lavender that is good for anxiety, insomnia, relieving tension, and recovering from fatigue.

The Swedish massage shop I visited is located near the Yuseong Hotel in Bongmyeong-dong, Daejeon, within 5 minutes of walking from Yuseong Hot Spring Station. People who bring their cars have to park around. It’s open 24 hours and when your phone is off, it’s closed, so you should keep that in mind.

This is the room where I got the Shinchon aroma massage.

Since it’s a private room, I was able to receive more comfortable and pleasant care.

When I get a massage at a shop that is often separated by curtains, I feel uncomfortable with the sound of talking and snoring.

I often get it. It’s a private room, and quiet music is played to relieve your fatigue in a comfortable atmosphere.

Also, there is a clean shower room in the room, so you can take a shower comfortably.

It’s an oil massage, so you have to take a shower. Move to the shower. Take a shower.

I don’t have to, but it’s more comfortable to be in a room like this.

The bed was also soft and the face was soft, so I could get care without any inconvenience.

The oil you’re going to use during the Swedish massage is also heated up like this.

I was able to get it cool by getting it into my body more easily. Before you get the program, drink this cool drink!

I had a 90-minute Swedish massage program. A professionally trained administrator

It relieved the fatigue of the whole body in a gentle and cool way. The clumpy muscle blood cells are soft and abraded.

I got rid of all the clumps of muscles and tiredness. The stretching that you did after the maintenance was over.

I relieved my fatigue with a thud all over my body.

After a long time, I visited Root Stick to get rid of all the fatigue and received treatment for Aroma massage in Sinchon.

The Korean administrator, who has been trained professionally, loosens the shoulders and necks together.

I feel much lighter. Overall, the atmosphere is clean, so I think it would be good for couples to visit and go on a date.

Have a great new week! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

There was a Thai-style painting hanging from the entrance. The elephant drawing is very eye-catching. I’m looking forward to the 24 o’clock massage shop because the Thai manager will take care of it himself.

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